What Care Should Be Taken After a Varicose Veins Surgery

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What Care Should Be Taken After a Varicose Veins Surgery

For some people, varicose veins can be very painful and debilitating. If your doctor recommends a surgery like a ligation or stripping procedure, there is some after-care that you need to follow. It is quite normal for your leg to feel sore or stiff and have bruising for the first few weeks. For the pain the doctor would most definitely give you pain killers. You would also need to wear compression dressings for few days after the varicose veins surgery. For the first week you will need to take it easy and not strain yourself.

What kind of activity can one do after varicose veins surgery?

Like already mentioned, you will need to take it easy for a few days without straining in anyway. Depending on what your doctor tells you, you might need to be on bed rest or have very limited activity. Once your doctor gives you the go, you can start walking bit by bit and gradually increase the amount. Walking helps in the blood circulation. It is best to avoid any kind of strain like jogging, riding, aerobics, weight lifting for at least 2 weeks. As far as driving is concerned please strictly follow your doctor’s orders. Bathing also can be done only once the dressings are removed and your doctor gives an okay.


What kind of diet should you follow?

In general you can continue your normal diet unless you have an upset stomach. In such conditions, you will need to restrict yourself to bland, non-spicy food. Also ensure that you have lots of fluids unless otherwise told by your doctor. For some it is quite normal to not have proper bowel movements after the surgery. If so, you might need fiber supplements.

Elevation and Icing –

It is natural to have pain after the varicose veins surgery. To reduce this, you can try a cold pack or ice on your leg for 10 to 20 minutes every few hours. Do not keep the ice directly on your skin. Also it would be a good idea to prop your leg above the heart level during the first few days after the surgery. This would help in reducing the bruising.

Care of the incision site –

If the doctor has used compression dressings on your leg, you need to be extra careful. Do not get them wet. If the incisions are covered by tape strips then it is suggested that you leave it on for a week at least or better yet let it fall of on its own. Once you remove the compression dressings with your doctor’s approval, wash it softly with warm soap water and do not scrub it. Just pat it dry. You can once again cover it with maybe a gauze bandage. Ensure that you change it every day. Also do not use any alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. That can slow the healing.

After a varicose veins surgery, one should strictly follow the doctor’s orders. Keep in mind that each one heals at a different speed. If you see any warning signs or your condition getting worse please visit the doctor immediately.