Six Things to Consider When Selecting Body Cameras

Body cameras are mainly used by law enforcement to record incidents as they happen to get all the relevant pieces of evidence about a particular scene. It also helps the top officials to keep track of their officers’ activities while in the line of duty.

There are so many benefits that body cameras provide. As such, you need to find the right kind of body camera that will be effective and reliable whenever and wherever its services are needed. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the most crucial factors to keep in mind when selecting body cameras.

What to check on body cameras?

  • User-friendly

Considering the area of its application, a body camera needs to be simple to use with as little technical expertise as possible. It should be easy to turn on and off since some incidents require quick actions and an officer has no time writing for the camera to boot up. The recordings should also be easy to label and it should provide a timestamp for each recording.

  • Multiple mounting options

It would also be helpful if the camera can be mounted in several parts of the body when using it. The main areas where the body camera is usually mounted include chest, shoulder, hat, collar, and glasses. The police will decide on the most suitable part to mount when they want to record a given incident.

  • Weather resistance

Police are always on duty all year round, be it in summer, winter, autumn, or spring. Most electronic gadgets are usually vulnerable to water. Even high temperatures can cause an electronic gadget to malfunction. Thus, if you are selecting a body camera, make sure that it is an all-weather solution that can be used in any kind of weather condition without glitches.

  • Maintenance costs

Some body-worn cameras have high maintenance costs because they have parts that are difficult to find replacements in the market. Such cameras require the importation of replacement parts from overseas where it was manufactured. So if you want an easy time maintaining your body camera, it will be wise if you could find one that has common parts that can easily be found in the market.

  • Reliability

Since body cameras are mainly used by police officers, they should be highly reliable. We all know the kind of work that police officers do, including fighting criminals and rescuing civilians from deadly situations. A camera needs to be live when the officer is in action. For the body camera to be reliable, it should have excellent and durable batteries that can be used for a long time without running out.

  • Durability

Lastly, the body camera that you select should be highly durable and capable of withstanding heavy falling and rough handling in life and death situations.

Benefits of body cameras

Provide helpful evidence – that can aid the police in searching and arresting law offenders who were recorded during the incident.

Increase accountability – it is difficult for police officers to defend themselves with a lack of proper evidence to support their statements. But with a body camera, a police officer can stay accountable for his actions.

Reduced crime activities – criminals and law offenders fear being recorded on body cameras because it can land them in prison. Most of them decide to change for their good and try doing some legit business that can earn them genuine cash.

Consider the right manufacturer who can supply body worn video cameras to market.

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